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Stagelights Dance School

Stagelights Dance School is a new, modern and fun place to learn to dance.

Whether it's Ballet, Tap, Modern, Singing and Drama, Theatre Craft or Acrobatic Dance we have the passion to find that spark that will help any level of dancer reach their full potential.

Our dance classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, our classes start from 18 months and follow through to adults.

As a member of Stagelights Dance School you will have the opportunity to progress through exams and awards, we also have a reward path for those who do not feel they want to take the exam but want to celebrate the skills they have learnt in class.

We have superb Drama and singing classes for your future stars to learn everything about showbiz.


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Tendu Convertible Tights

From £7.00 - £9.50

Tendu Footed Ballet Tights

From £6.50 - £8.95

Bloch Jazz Tap S0301

From £44.95 - £67.50

Bloch Tap Flex S0388L

From £65.00 - £78.00

Capezio Fluid Tap Shoe CG17

From £45.95 - £59.95

Capezio Cadence Tap Shoe CG19

From £59.95 - £71.95

Bloch Timestep Tap Shoe S0330

From £25.50 - £33.50